Underwater Inspection

The underwater inspection service has been formed to provide customers with an ROV for long or short periods. The ROV can stay below water for as long as necessary, and monitor what is happening below the water, and possible penetration depths where diving time may be restricted due to air, noise and depth.

•Weld Inspection:

We do under water welding for various purposes. Using closed circuit video cameras, we perform weld integrity inspection on process pipe systems. This project involved the complete and thorough inspection of every pipe systems to ensure that all joints were sound and technical specifications were met.

Valve Inspection:

The company can supply customers with an affordable way to inspect valves  below the waterline.

Underwater Video Inspection:

Traditionally an underwater video camera consists of an ordinary CCTV camera mounted in a stainless steel or aluminum housing which keeps it dry and at normal atmospheric pressure. This is still the only suitable system for some survey jobs, where top quality imaging is required from a high value camera and/or zoom lens. ROV solution services offer in underwater imaging and inspection solutions to Industry and Science with ROV which is a diver less operation or through the deployment of qualified divers with hand-held video and still-camera. Its robust design and powerful thrusters enable it to be used in a variety of operations in both the offshore and inshore working environments.