Seabed Survey

ROV Solution have experience in a limited range of hydrographic survey projects and offer services to the coastal engineering, marine and offshore oil/gas industries. ROV Solution services cover a range of hydrographic disciplines, with expertise available in the following areas: Our services range from the installation and operation of underwater imaging instruments, through data acquisition and processing, to the presentation of final results and reports. The precise determination of position is fundamental to all successful survey and engineering operations at sea. ROV Solution provides a range of accuracy positioning services using GPS and further detailed mapping surveys allow engineers to design cost-efficient, practical and safe routes for the installation of oil and gas pipelines and telecommunication cables. This commitment is accomplished only by a policy of concluding contract, provision of specialized and professional equipment and obtaining updated technology in this field of expertise.

• Marine Geophysical Surveys

• Bathymetry / Charging Surveys

• Side Scan Sonar Cleaning Surveys

• Environmental Monitoring

• Seabed Coring and Sampling

• Pipe Route Survey

• Submarine Cable Route Studies and Surveys

• Gas / Oil Pipeline Route and Platform Site Surveys