About Us

ROV Solution established in Georgia as a subsea engineering consultancy specialising in ROV solutions on fields of underwater construction, inspection and maintenance. Seeking the ultimate satisfaction of our clients, ROV Solution  is considered one of the pioneers in diving services and has built a solid reputation around skilled people, modern equipment and a solutions-oriented approach that gets the job done, safely and effectively. 

Our company is in Georgia, provides services to a wide range of clients throughout the CIS Region.

ROV Solution is a ROV operator based and diving, focusing on underwater activity including:

           • Underwater Inspection

           • Diving Support

           • Ship Inspection and Underwater Maintenance

           • Wellhead and Platfform Inspection

           • Some more services

We are a young ROV operator but all of the key personnel behind ROV Solution has extensive experience and shares their professional expertise in running operations both on and offshore. Also a team of professional, highly motivated offshore staff backed by an effective has resulted in a wide client base.

ROV solution own and operate a modern fleet of ROVs capable of providing advanced inspection services and drill support services on a worldwide basis. Our modern fleet of vehicles is maintained to the highest standards for optimum performance and reliability and can be specified for particular projects to provide a cost effective service to our clients.