ROV Upgrade

Given to the use of ROV in projects and responsibilities assigned, necessary equipment need to be designed, customized and mounted on the ROV. Or in other way, ROV capabilities, facilities and accuracy should alter; therefore we came to this conclusion that upgrading ROV services should be also provided to our customers to meet their requirements in the shortest time possible and in this way to obtain the best results.

Technically we are now able to enhance equipment, repair and maintenance services of every type of ROV and for various projects we are responsive to our customers ‘needs through offering specialized engineering services.

We can replace or upgrade your hardware so you get additional functionality such as:

• Sonar


• Extra Thrusters or Lights

• More Power

• Color Video Overlay

• Additional High Resolution Cameras or Upgrade Your Camera With High Resolution

• Manipulator or Gripper

• Longer Umbilical

• and other Customize Hardware