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ROV Solution was established in Georgia to provide on-call offshore services in the areaof inspection, maintenance and repair. ROV Solution is a leading provider of subsea services to the oil and gas industry in the CIS Region, Black Sea and Caspian Sea. The experience gained over years of service, together with continued investment in human resources and equipment, allows this company to efficiently respond to client requirements. Throughout these years, “ROV Solution” has built a sound reputation for the provision of qualified Diving, Technical and Inspection personnel to the good level. ROV Solution offers expert ROV services, equipment and diving to the Offshore oil, Marine, Fishing and other offshore industries. The company can supply customers with an affordable way to inspect anything below the waterline and is totally flexible and can carry out contracts of any duration. ROV Solution services specializes in underwater Imaging, Survey and Inspection solutions to Industry & Science. Our focus is determining the correct equipment and techniques for lowering costs and risks to personnel and clients to accomplish underwater tasks in a variety of environments while obtaining the best results to our customers through the use of ROV's (Remotely Operated Vehicles) and other technical solutions. ROV Solution Company is honored to work with two companies in China in association with consulting, accomplishing and financing some of his projects.